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House with Red Door

"Life in a new place can be daunting

like a


Zion House Canada

is here to help

bridge the  gap

for economic migrant families 

and ensure that

they never

walk alone"

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Our Vision Statement 


We exist to bridge the cultural gap created by economic migration.


We strive to enhance the holistic integration of migrant families as they make Canada home through our array of services & referrals.


It is also our heartfelt mission to ensure no spirited migrant child is left behind without ample educational, social & co-curricular opportunities.

Life in Eldorado - an initiative of Zion House Canada
Life in Eldorado is a docuseries based on the blessed & eventful life of Funlola (aka The Unusual Diplomat); an economic migrant selected by the province of Quebec in 2009, an honourable Canadian citizen of Nigerian heritage. 
Funlola started a new life in Canada in 2010; she was excited to have finally arrived in Eldorado - a myth and a concept depicting a perfect place; a place of gold that personifies the North American dream. As all that glitters is not gold; this Eldorado turned out to be a mirage, an illusion that created a lot of struggles & pain. 
With God's help; good people and great information from a wide variety of sources; Funlola continues to navigate life in Canada with strength, grace and resilience. She is now well-positioned to encourage & help new economic migrants with ample information as well as to guide against the subtle pitfalls that she encountered in the last decade.
This docuseries seeks to raise pertinent issues of the joys and pains, the highs and lows of integrating into a new culture & an unfamiliar territory. Learnings and strategies are shared to make the migrant journey easier and ultimately rewarding.
Click on the video below to get a feel for this docuseries.
Navigating life in a new environment can be quite daunting. There is a cultural shock that only occurs after you've made the transition; there are also many hurdles to climb and rivers to cross.
Gaining mastery of migration strategies, staying resilient and flexible will determine the success of every migration adventure. 

Although there are a lot of initiatives put in place by the government to ease economic migration; I have discovered this to be a herculean task; the migration journey also greatly differs from person to person. 


In my own unique experience; winning strategies and my rich faith in God has been an anchor for the soul-stretching that migration brings.


It is my highest desire that this prayer room will create a safe virtual space to cry and pour out your heart for the change that we all need for life's transitions.

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